The company has been established for 20 years, and is mainly engaged in the production of various types of brake wires. In order to provide high-quality customer service, the product quality is officially relocated to the third section of Zhongshan Road, Changhua City. The new plant covers an area of 600 pings. Ping, the number of employees has increased to 20, and the current monthly production capacity is about 200,000. Chairman Ye Xinhua said that along the way, YUNG TAI has been steady and stable, and insisted on creating a bright future with a small variety of high-quality products.

Changhua Hemei Town is located on the northwest coastal plain of Changhua County. The early immigrants from Zhangzhou and Quanzhou fought for the battle. The last two factions used the Shaoan Bridge as a buffer zone to pray for the harmony of "he" and "beauty". This is filled with a thick and simple folk style. From the Changhua and the United States, the YUNG TAI CABLE, its sly smile, calm atmosphere, is the first impression of the chairman Ye Xinhua.

At present, YUNG TAI has two production lines with a monthly production capacity of about 200,000 sets, 80% of which are mainly used for the production of BMX rotators, and 20% of which are used for the production of all kinds of mountain bike brakes. Chairman Ye Xinhua said that YUNG TAI did not give up the most basic quality requirements with a small amount of production, and still controlled each of the brake wires with high standard quality control. The company has been cooperating with SST ORYG, a well-known brand of BMX vehicles in the United States, for more than 10 years. In addition to co-development and improvement with partners, its small and diverse quality control and punctual delivery deadlines will be discussed. YUNG TAI CABLE is pushed to another peak.

At the current stage of strong enemies in mainland China, Chairman Ye Xinhua believes that instead of falling into the low price of the Chinese market and losing his blood, it is better to step on his own footsteps, gain insight into the market environment, and constantly develop self-development and future. YUNG TAI also plans to apply for various types of ISO certification.